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2018 BHA News


10/26/18: Community Wide Standards (Approved by BHA Board 10/26/18)

10/26/18: BHI Transportation Authority — HMS Consulting Reconaissance Report Draft

10/23/18: Draft of revised BHA Common Area Policy (Unified Design Guidelines, Appendix F) for BHA Board of Directors' approval at upcoming board meeting

10/22/18: Marine Debris Biodegradation Time Line

10/1/18: Brunswick County Emergency Response Aerial Mosquito Spraying Begins This Week (Including BHI)

Post-Hurricane Florence
State of Emergency Terminated 10/1/18, 6:00am

September 17, 2018 — Phase One (A) — Initial "Safety Sweep"
Click HERE to view post-storm photos taken by EOC Team.
Click HERE to view post-storm aerial video.

September 10, 2018 — Bald Head Island Under Mandatory Evacuation
Click HERE to view the Village of BHI website, with emergency information and the latest Village's Voice articles from Village Manager Chris McCall.

Revised Flood Insurance Preliminary Map — Effective August 28, 2018.
 Check with your insurance agent to update your homeowners' insurance policy. With updated technology, many property owners on BHI should see reduced insurance rates. Click HERE to view the preliminary map (change "effective" to "preliminary" in the upper-right drop-down box).

Call 911 — Feeding, Fishing, Harassing Alligators/Wildlife Anywhere on BHI, Including All Lagoons/Ponds and Wildlife Overlook
Click HERE for August 2018 article.

BHI Village Updates
Increase of fines for those cited with underage driving. Click HERE. (July 2018)
Repeal of ordinance on Island-wide ban on mulch. Click HERE. (July 2018)
Approval of text amendment to regulate the use of fires for cooking, heating and recreational purposes. Click HERE for the resolution. Click HERE for the handout. (July 2018)
No-Wake Speed Zone throughout Bald Head Creek. Click HERE for the bill, resolution and existing legislation. (July 2018)

BHI Ferry Transportation Authority (BHITA) Updates:
October 2018, click HERE.
October 1, 2018 Annual Report, click HERE.
September 2018, click HERE.

August 2018, click HERE.
July 2018, click HERE.
June 2018, click HERE.
May 2018, click HERE.
April 2018, click HERE.
March 2018, click HERE.
February 2018, click HERE.

For BHI Village Manager's 2019 Budget Presentation, click

2018 Annual Meeting Update

It was standing room only at BHA's 2018 Annual Meeting held January 27, 2018 at the Association Center. Property owners learned about BHA's progress toward goals during 2017 and also heard updates from other Island entities such as the Village of BHI, BHI Conservancy, BHI Limited and the BHI Club, among others.

For Amended and Restated BHA Unified Covenants as of January 2018, click HERE.


For Amended BHA Bylaws as of January 2018, click HERE.

ARC Section A will review all submittals except for submissions regarding projects in the following BHA PUD and multi-family communities: Cape Fear Station, Flora’s Bluff/Killegray Ridge, Ibis Roost, Keeper’s Landing, Lighthouse Landing, Royal James Landing, Sabal Palm Cottages, Sumner’s Crescent, Surfman’s Walk, The Hammocks, The Villas, Timbercreek. Click HERE for 2018 schedule.

ARC Section B will review the submittals for the following BHA PUD and multi-family communities: Cape Fear Station, Flora’s Bluff/Killegray Ridge, Ibis Roost, Keeper’s Landing, Lighthouse Landing, Royal James Landing, Sabal Palm Cottages, Sumner’s Crescent, Surfman’s Walk, The Hammocks, The Villas, Timbercreek. Click HERE for 2018 schedule.

For the 2017 Annual Report in Digital form, click HERE.

BHA Member Survey Results
Bald Head Association recently surveyed its members to find out their perceptions about the organization’s communications and to receive feedback on several landscaping proposals. The Association emailed the link to an electronic survey in late July to approximately 1,500 property owners. Nearly 200 property owners responded, a response rate of 13%.

Overwhelmingly, members rated the Association’s communications vehicles positively. About three-fourths (74%) rated the Island Report as "above average" or "excellent." Similarly, 80% rated the weekly email and 44% rated the web site as above average or better.

Specific to residential landscaping policies, members were asked about a number of proposals designed to help protect the long-term ecology and beauty of Bald Head Island. Just over one-third (35%) preferred that only plantings native to the Island be utilized, while nearly half (49%) agreed that a ratio of native to BHI, native to North Carolina and exotics was appropriate. Nearly half (47%) supported the notion of prohibiting exotic plantings and more than half (54%) agreed that parameters for limited removal of understory vegetation should be established.

Many property owners also expressed their opinions on varying issues ranging from a renewed focus on native plantings and recycling to softening/hardening the Village’s Public Safety Department’s approach and better internet access. Other issues included less governmental involvement, limited commercialism, changing island demographics, costs of living on BHI, transportation options and fragmentation of decision making. PDF of 2016 Survey Results

Powerpoint of 2016 Survey Results

Audubon Presentations
Video: April 2016 Earthday Audubon Presentation
Powerpoint Audubon_Bird-Friendly_Communities_Bald_Head_Island_Aug2016

Offshore Energy Development

Click HERE to go to the dedicated BHA Offshore Energy Development Page for more information, linked documents and videos pertinent to property owners of Bald Head Island.

Click HERE to see the Bald Head Association property owner's survey outcome.