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Bald Head Island


Getting to and from Bald Head Island:

Bald Head Island is only accessible via passenger ferry or private yacht. No passenger cars are allowed, the standard mode of transportation is golf cart, bicycle or tram. Below are some helpful information in navigating to the island. 

Parking at Deep Point Marina. 


  • First, drop off your luggage at the ferry terminal and then enter the general lot. General lot parking is $10 a day (Memorial Day-Labor Day) and $8 a day the remainder of the year. A ticket is issued from an electronic parking device upon entering the lot. You will need to present this ticket to the parking lot attendant for payment upon exiting the lot, then come around and pickup your luggage at the lower level.
  • Property owners may purchase an annual general lot pass for $1,000. Premium lot parking is by annual pass only. A premium lot annual pass is $1,200. Contact 910-457-5003 to get a annual pass contract.


Ferry schedule and ticket information: 

  • For most of the year, ferries leave the mainland on the hour and the island on the half-hour, beginning at 7 a.m. The winter schedule may be abbreviated, and the summer schedule expanded. 
  • Full-fare round-trip tickets cost $23.00 for adults and $12.00 for children ages 3-12. There is no charge for children ages two and younger. Tram service to your island destination may be provided based on ticket type and availability. 
  • A discounted "no-frills" ticket is available for $14.00 at the Bald Head Island Marina for same-day round-trips that originate on the island and require no baggage handling or tram service.
  • Bulk 40 round trip tickets are $17.50 and Bulk 80 tickets are available for $15.00. These tickets must be purchased 40 round trip tickets for $700 and 80 for $1200.
  • Residents may purchase an Annual Pass is $1850.00
  • Contractor rate is $14.00
  • One-way rate is $11.50
  • Oversized baggage is $23 and excess baggage is $5/ea
  • Tram reservations should be made online at  or by calling (910) 457-5003.

SEA TOW —  Water Taxi
Operating 24/7 with a fleet of six vessells one of which is a fully enclosed cabin, climate controlled and with comfortable passenger seating. (910)457-6640 or /transportation, we are always standing by and able to assist.

Southport Water Taxi 910-457-7141:
Tow Boat US facilitated

Water taxi: Welcome aboard the "Miss Mary" offering scenic cruises and water taxi service to and from Bald Head Island. 910-448-2277

Packing for your trip to Bald Head: While you’ll need to pack some necessary essentials for your visit, you’ll find many of the businesses on the island offer perishable items, items for rent or purchase, as well as various services that can allow you to pack lighter and more efficiently. For your convenience, and in an effort to keep the ferry operations running smoothly and on time, we offer the following baggage and packing requirements, click  HERE  for complete PDF of requirements.

Barge to island: For large deliveries the BHI Barge runs Monday-Friday, departing 8am, 10am, 12pm and 2pm from Deep Point, weather permitting. The cost for a barge delivery is $50 per ticket.  One ticket entitles purchaser to one six-foot space in one lane on the barge.  Loads longer than an increment of six feet will be rounded off, i.e. 15 foot load requires 3 tickets.  6+6+3=15.  14’11” would require two tickets. The phone number to set up a barge transport is 910-457-5205.


Getting around the island:

Golf carts and bicycles are available for rent and for sale:

  • Cary Cart Company, 261 Edward Teach Wynd, Bald Head Island, NC 28461 / / 910-457-7333 Ext. 1
  • Coastal Urge, 12 Maritime Way, Bald Head Island, NC 28461 / 910-457-4552
  • Always Ready Golf Carts, 4A Merchant's Row, Bald Head Island, NC / 910-457-4497
  • Vehicle Maintenance
Golf cart rules:  Think of the same laws when you drive your car on the mainland.  Violation of laws or ordinances will result in law enforcement action, up to and including going to jail.


  • You must have a valid driver's license to operate a golf cart on Bald Head Island.
  • Drivers with a learner's permit must have a licensed driver accompany them.
  • Open alcoholic beverage containers are prohibited in golf carts.
  • The speed limit is enforced (18 mph).
  • Careless or reckless driving is prohibited.
  • Driving while intoxicated (alcohol or drugs) is not tolerated.
  • Passengers should remain seated while golf carts are in motion.
  • Children are NOT allowed to sit on the lap of golf cart operators.
  • Allow internal combustion vehicles to pass when possible, pull to the right side of road.
  • Do not hold onto golf carts while riding in-line skates, skateboards or bicycles.
  • Golf carts must be registered with the Village. The initial registration of a golf cart (first time on island, initial application) must be completed at the Department of Public Safety with staff. Link to Village BHI home page for golf cart registration information, click HERE.

Children should not be in the lap of the driver, as they can impede the driver's ability to maneuver the golf cart. Packages should be secured to the cart, not held by passengers. Again, passengers' hands should be free to hold onto the grab rails. Whenever possible, use hand signals when turning or stopping. This will aid others in knowing your intentions. Please remember golf carts are not toys.