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The Village of Bald Head Island

The Village of Bald Head Island is located in Brunswick County in Southeastern North Carolina. 

The Mayor and the Village Council are the governing body of the Village.The Council is composed of four members elected by all the qualified voters of the Village for terms of four years, or until their successors are elected and qualified.The Village operates under the council-manager form of government.

The Village performs the responsibilities of a municipality in areas of public safety, utilities and public works. Click HERE for the Village website.

Departments Include:

Finance: Collects annual golf cart registration and parking fees.

Development Services 910-457-6255: Building Permits/FEMA/CAMA.

Contractor Services — Click HERE for the Village's Contractor Handbook.

The Village of Bald Head Island Department of Public Safety (DPS) — 911
The DPS is a "combined" department, meaning that all public safety officers are cross-trained on the disciplines of fire, emergency medical services, law enforcement and water rescue. When officers begin their 24-hour shifts, they never know what types of calls to which they might be asked to respond. Therefore, they need to be prepared for almost anything. The DPS runs on a four-shift schedule and is supported by about 40 volunteers and 30 members of the Public Service Auxiliary. Other Village staff provide administrative and operational support, as well. Of the approximately 50 Village employees, about half support some function of the DPS. The Village of BHI is one of only three municipalities in North Carolina to have a combined public safety force.

Public Works 910-457-5422

Yard Debris Pick-Up

From Memorial Day to Labor Day yard debris pick up is twice a month on the first and third Wednesday. From Labor Day to Memorial Day yard debris pick up is once a month on the first Wednesday of the month. No limbs larger than five inches in diameter at its largest point. Piles should be left on the roadside. Call 910-457-5422 or 910-457-9700 to request pickup no later than 2:00pm on the day before pick up, or you will be moved to the next pickup day. You must call in, or it will not be picked up. This service is free to residents on the Island that do their own yard work. If you have a contractor/landscaper do the work, they are responsible to remove the debris. Yard debris may also be dropped off at the Timbercreek Mulch Site (near the BHI Dog Park on N. Bald Head Wynd). The site is open on a self-service basis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the unusual event that property owners’ debris pick up exceeds one dump truck full (5 cubic yards), there will be a $50 fee for each additional load.


The commingle recycle and cardboard recycle cans are available 24 hours a day and are located outside the gate at the Public Works facility. Recycling is only effective if it is done correctly. The commingle recycle can accepts aluminum cans, only #2 plastic, paper, glass, magazines and junk mail. The cardboard can only accepts cardboard. Absolutely no construction material, garbage, food, lawn chairs and other miscellaneous items are allowed. If the container is contaminated with non-recyclable items it will be rejected at the landfill and the Village will be charged a fee to dump the container. Please help keep costs down by placing recyclables in the correct bin. 

Click HERE for a graphic showing all accepted items for recycling.
Click HERE for a graphic showing accepted items for recycling in your bathroom.
Click HERE for a graphic showing non-recycled items to reduce using.

Regular Trash Collection

Trash collection between Labor Day and Memorial Day is once a week. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day trash pick up is twice a week. If you have trash, you must turn your "yes/no" sign to "yes." If you do not, leave it on "no." If the sign is not on "yes," the garbage truck will not stop. New signs are available at Public Works.

Public trash receptacles are picked up twice a week (Monday and Friday) all year. The public trash receptacles are for people to use when they are coming off the beach or riding around the Island and have trash to dispose of. These receptacles are not to be used for household trash.

Additional Site Hours:

The drop-off site is open Monday through Friday from 11am to 2pm, Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 2pm. Excess household trash and larger items can be brought to the recycle center at this time. When you arrive at the center, come inside the gate, and staff will assist you. Construction  or yard debris is not accepted. 

Special Pick Ups

You can request a special pick up for larger items or numerous items that you can't get to the recycle center. To request a special pick up, call 910-457-5422 or 910-457-9700. Please give sufficient notice to schedule your pick up. Special pick ups are $50 per truck load. 

Public Utilities: Water and Sewer 910-457-7350
Click HERE for website.

To turn on utilities, call 910-457-7350. You may also visit the Village website and click on "Citizen Service Request."

For more information about the Village, click HERE.

Click HERE for Village of BHI Ordinances.

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