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New Property Owners

Your First Steps as a Property Owner

Welcome to the Bald Head Island community! In the 1970s there was no electricity, and life on the Island was different than it is now. We at the Bald Head Association want to make your assimilation onto the Island as smooth and easy as possible. BHA sends Welcome Packages to new property owners. If you haven't received yours yet, email Diane Mesaris at

The following links are to pages of information crucial to negotiating everything from turning on your utilities (who are the providers and how to contact them) to where to shop for necessities:

Turning on utilities  - information on who provides electricity, phone, internet and cable to the island
Getting a golf cart registered  - although we do not have cars on BHI, we do have golf carts and registering them annually with the Village is part of your process
Knox Box information  - this handy little box can mean the difference between damage and no damage in an emergency
Ferry information  - Ticket prices and information, where to find the ferry seasonal schedule - Contractor ferry, what is this and who may ride it, how much does it cost and when does it run
- Fort Fisher ferry runs from Southport to Fort Fisher Ferry Terminal, where to find the schedule and the rates
- The Barge, how big things get to the island
Post office box  - there is no mail delivery to the homes on Bald Head Island. If you need to receive mail on island you need to get a P.O. Box
Trash collection  - who to contact and how to signal them if you need pick up
Recycling  - Bald Head Island makes every effort to be green. There are recycle containers off Edward Teach for cardboard, certain plastics and glass
Key holding agreement  - if you are a part time island resident then you may need to have people service your home when you are  away. If you fill out a Key holding agreement with BHA we will let your key out to only those vendors you have specified in the agreement.
Maritime Market (grocery)  Did you know the island has a fully stocked market with fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, seafood, breads, beer & wine, dairy and more - or if you do not feel like cooking they have breakfast and lunch offerings as well as a catering company
Hardware store  need to hang a picture or buy some plants, Island Hardware has what you need on island- so no need to take the ferry to Southport for handyman stuff
Public Safety Department  
IPC  - Island Package Center is beside the Post Office on Lighthouse Wynd, across from the Village Chapel and Old Baldy. Any package shipped UPS or Fed Ex will arrive at IPC for your pickup.
Barge  - how much, how often and why
Email blast signup  - for the BHA weekly email bulletin as well as special notices sent out by the BHA
Other email blast signups - Coming Soon, please check back for this information.
Voting – who’s eligible and how to register.
Parking at Deep Point  - did you know  you can get an annual pass for parking at Deep Point, find out if that is a good fit for you
Dues and Taxes - Click for a list of dues and taxes, including sub-association dues and where to pay your taxes.

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