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Knox Box

A Knox Box is a small steel box that is attached to your home or business and holds a key and information sheet. This box has a secure key, and the only persons with access are the on-duty fire personnel. The Knox Box affords the Department of Public Safety (DPS) personnel access to your home or business in the event of fire alarm activation. 

DPS must gain access to determine if the alarm is a false alarm or not. If there is no one around to let us in the home we may need to enter through a locked window or door, and this could cause damage to the home or business. The costs of those damages can be expensive and are the responsibility of the property owner. 

These boxes can be purchased through the Knox Company, by completing the required paperwork. Save the expense of replacing a window or door and call the Fire Department at 910-457-4310 for application information. Click HERE for the VBHI Public Safety Knox Box Information Sheet.

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