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Bald Head Island Weather

Bald Head Island is a subtropical island and the northernmost point in the U.S. where sabal palms grow naturally. Influenced by the warm waters of the nearby Gulf Stream, the weather here is generally mild year-round, and each of the four seasons brings its own distinct pleasures

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Annual Average Weather Conditions

Month              Avg. High             Avg. Low              Mean    Avg. Precip.

January           59°F                      34°F                       47°F       4.17 in.

February         62°F                      37°F                       50°F       3.83 in.

March             68°F                      43°F                       56°F       4.20 in.

April               75°F                      50°F                       63°F       2.97 in.

May                82°F                      60°F                       71°F       3.64 in.

June                88°F                      69°F                       79°F       4.44 in.

July                 91°F                      73°F                       82°F       5.84 in.

August            90°F                      72°F                       81°F       6.82 in.

September       86°F                      65°F                       76°F       8.67 in.

October           78°F                      54°F                       66°F       4.01 in.

November       71°F                      45°F                       58°F       3.66 in.

December        62°F                      37°F                       50°F       3.82 in.

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