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Property Owner Resources

Post-Hurricane Florence
Resources for Property Owners

Governmental Hurricane Florence Resources — Congressman David Rouzer

Water Danger

Federation Urges Residents To Stay Out Of The Water (NC Coastal Federation)

Brunswick County Emergency Response Aerial Mosquito Spraying Begins 10/1/18
Florence Floods Breed Large, Aggressive Mosquitoes  (WWAY)

Flood Cleanup & Mold Dangers
Flood Cleanup — CDC (Centers for Disease Control)

Mold Dangers after a Flood & Health Dangers During Cleanup — FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

Tips To Prevent Post-Flooding Mold At Home (FEMA)

Mold — NIH (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)

Dealing with Mold Problems after a Flood (Minnesota Department of Health)

Food & Drinking Water Safety
Food and Water Safety During Power Outages and Floods — US FDA (US Food & Drug Administration)

Refrigerated Food And Power Outages: When To Save And When To Throw Out (US Department of Health & Human Services)

Food Safety Before, During And After A Power Outage (USDA)

Floods & Trees — What To Do Now?

Refrigerator Odors

How To Remove Odors From A Refrigerator After Power Outage (Consumer Reports)

Disaster Assistance
Disaster Assistance (Department of Homeland Security)

How Do I Start My Flood Insurance Claim? (FEMA)

Hurricane Florence Rumor Control (FEMA)

Where Do Birds Go In A Hurricane?

Rumor Control

Hurricane Florence Rumor Control  (FEMA)

Property Owner Tips

Report Contractor Price Gouging with the NC Department of Justice HERE

Trees & Landscape After A Hurricane

Exterior Structure Repairs After A Hurricane

Temporary Portable Storage Containers on BHI

Use Caution When Hiring A General Contractor — In North Carolina, general contractors only need to be licensed for work generating $30,000 or more (NC Licensing Board for General Contractors, "A Consumer's Guide To Protecting Yourself After A Disaster"). Check your general contractor with the NC Licensing Board HERE.

5 Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim — FEMA deadline to file an application is NOVEMBER 13, 2018

Mosquitoes After Heavy Rains & Flooding

Mold After Heavy Rains & Flooding

Mold, Moisture & Your Home — Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Golf Carts — FREE golf cart inspections at Cary Cart Company (must mention free inspection related to Hurricane Florence) and Always Ready Cart Company (use the fillable form "Check My Cart" on their website).

Homeowner Quick Tips:
1. Change your air filters — change them out for mold/mildew filters post-Hurricane Florence and change them again soon after.
2. Homemade fruit fly traps — pour apple cider vinegar in dishes. Cover with plastic wrap and poke several large holes to attract and trap the fruit flies. They are attracted to the apple smell.
3. Fruit fly trap — flat, glue boards are available at hardware stores and online. Peel off the protective layer to expose the glue. Put on a freezer-safe plate and place one in the refrigerator and one in the freezer. Dribble a few spots of red wine on the glue board to attract the fruit flies and close the doors.
4. Want to know if your refrigerator/freezer lost power while you were away? Fill a coffee cup 3/4 with water. Place it in the freezer to freeze the water. Once it's frozen, place a quarter on top of the ice. When you come back, if the quarter remained on the top of the ice, the power was either not off or not off long enough to cause food spoilage. If the quarter is immersed in the water slightly or is all the way at the bottom, the power was off long enough to thaw the ice for the quarter to fall, so there will be food spoilage. When in doubt about food spoilage, throw it out.

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