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Offshore Energy Developments


Offshore Energy Developments

The Bureau Of Ocean Management (BOEM) is proposing opening up parcels of the North Carolina coast to be leased for wind turbine farms and oil & gas exploration and drilling. This would mean seismic testing off our coast and a deep water port up the river. There are environmental concerns with all of these proposed issues. Please check back here frequently so that we may keep you informed.

New News!
Tuesday, March 15th, 2016 President Obama takes the Atlantic Seaboard off the table for oil and gas drilling. Read more.
Click HERE for the News and Observer Article 3-16-2016
Click HERE for the Indy News Article 3-16-2016
Click HERE for the Statement to Oppose Offshore Drilling from the NC Council of Churches
Click HERE to read the BOEM Wind Energy Paper from 9-30-2015
Click HERE for BOEM Handouts from Tuesday's Meeting.
Click HERE to read the Coastal Review Online article on the state budget which includes Zeke's Island and New Inlet Dam removal study.
Click HERE to read the BHA's comment letter on TDI Brook's seismic testing application to NOAA
Click HERE to read the BHA's comment letter on TGS NOPAC's seismic testing application to NOAA
Click HERE to read the BHA's comment letter on ION GeoVenture's seismic testing application to NOAA
Click HERE to read the BHA's comment letter on Spectrum GEO's seismic testing application to NOAA
Click HERE for the link to the BHA power point presentation PDF on "What we know" currently on Oil, Gas and seismic.
Click HERE to read the Bald Head Island resolution and the attached Erik Olsen engineering white paper.
Click HERE to read the article from the Coastal Review Online "Oil Prospects vs. Tourism Reality".

Click HERE to go to the Coastal Review Online and follow the 40 articles being written about offshore energy and North Carolina.

Here is a listing of other documents pertaining to these issues:

Wind Energy and the Cape Fear

Click HERE to read an article about Dutch Engineering of a self sustaining building. 6-22-2015
Click  HERE  to open Bald Head Association's Comments on Wind Energy to the BOEM 2-23-2015
Click HERE to open Audubon North Carolina's comments 2-23-2015 
Click HERE for NOAA comments 2-23-2015
Click HERE for DENR comments 2-23-2015
Click HERE for SEWC, AWEA and SIOW comments 2-23-2015
Click HERE for VBHI comments 2-23-2015
Click  HERE  for Oak Island comments 2-22-2015
Click  HERE  for Caswell Beach comments 2-19-2015
Click  HERE  to open the BOEM Environmental Assessment Document. January 2015
Click  HERE  to open the BOEM Visual Bald Head Late Afternoon April 2012
Click HERE to open the National Offshore Wind Strategy February 2011
Click   HERE   to open COASTAL WIND: Energy for North Carolina’s Future June 2009

Oil and Gas offshore

Click  HERE  to read the BOEM Final Scoping report accounting of response to comment period and public events.
Click HERE to watch a National Geographic video about shorebirds, a rookery island and oil. 6-15-2015
Click HERE to read The Virginian-Pilot news article "Revisit Beach's drilling positioin" 5-17-2015
Click   HERE    to open Bald Head Association's Comments on Oil and Gas to the BOEM 3-27-2015
Click HERE to open the 5 truths about Oil from NCLCV 3-24-2015
Click HERE to open theBOEM_PEIS process 2017-2022 3-13-2015
Click HERE to open the Cape Fear leases April 2008
Click HERE to open the Georgetown leases April 2008
Click HERE to open the Oil and Gas on OCS info 3-9-2015
Click HERE to open 2017—2022 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Draft Proposed Program
Click HERE to open BHIC oil comments

Seismic Testing

Click  HERE  to read article about the 100+ scientist asking Obama to wait for the new seismic survey acoustic report before going forward with permitting. 
Click  HERE  to read a letter from 75 scientists imploring President Obama to not allow planned oil and gas exploration program off the Atlantic coast involving millions of sound blasts that would have "significant, long-lasting and widespread impacts on the reproduction and survival" of threatened whales and commercial fish populations.

Click HERE to Read a Coastal Review Online article about marine mammal strandings.
Click HERE to read a scientific paper on Beaked whales. 6-22-2015
Click HERE to read an article about seismic testing and scallops. 6-22-2015
Click HERE on Article about Bill to protect Florida's Atlantic side from seismic testing 6-1-2015
Click HERE for Star News Article on Seismic Testing 3-9-2015
Click   HERE   to open Atlantic Pending Permit Map 3-9-2015
Click  HERE  to open FAQ Atlantic G and G Activites 3-9-2015
Click HERE for a Primer on Seismic Testing 
Click  HERE  to open BOEM science Notes March 2015
Click HERE to open BOEM Science Notes August 2014
Click HERE for G and G Seismic Activity General Information June 2013

The Port

Click  Zeke's Island  to read a WECT article on recent barrier island resolutions.
Click  HERE  to read Star News Article on Zeke's Island and New Inlet dam. 
Click  HERE  for history of "The Rocks."
Click  HERE  to open an article from the State Port Pilot on The Rocks.
HERE  to view BILL 97 Item 14.6 proposing the removal of rocks from the New Inlet Dam .
Click HERE to see a map of Zekes Island and New Inlet.
Click HERE for aerial photo of land purchased by the NC State Port Authority.

For other entities against seismic testing and offshore oil and gas mining click HERE

The BHA and the BHIC co-hosted a community forum with guest speaker Roger Shew Dept. of Geography and Geology and Dept. of Environmental Science, UNCWilmington. Click  HERE  for a link to part of his presentation. This is being shared for educational purposes only and is not to be used in documents or other presentations. Click  HERE1  HERE2  and  HERE3  for comments from the BHI Conservancy's, Courtney Spears.
How to build a wind mill: 

This video explains how a wind farm is built. It takes around 3 weeks to install a turbine. A wind turbine with 30 years working life will return its investment within 3 to 4 years after getting online.

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