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Architectural Review Committee

Before you paint or start that new project...

Remember that ANY plans you have to change the exterior of your home — including painting and landscaping — MUST be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee and receive approval before work can begin. Other additions that must be approved by the ARC include flagpoles, tree houses, playhouses, signs, exterior lights, monuments, markers, outdoor statuary, patios, decks or any outdoor decorative objects. This takes advanced planning, so the ARC meets numerous times throughout the year to accommodate requests for review. 

Architectural Review

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has the crucial charge of reviewing home plans and administering the Design Guidelines, with numerous reviews handled each year for home plans, landscaping and renovation related submittals.
Complete Architectural Review Design Guidelines 25th Edition — NOTE: The ARC Review Fee Schedule for 2022 is updated in the document link below. The fee schedule on page 29 of this document has not yet been updated, pending addtional revisions for 2022. Stay tuned for updates.

Landscape Design Guidelines
BHA's Video Shorts Series highlights "ARC — What You Can Trim without ARC Prior Approval."

2022 ARC Review Fees

ARC Application Forms — Fill out online and email completed forms to

HERE for the 2022 Bald Head Association's ARC Section A meeting schedule. Click HERE for the 2022 Bald Head Association's ARC Section B meeting schedule. For any questions, contact the ARC Associate at 910-457-4676, Ext. 23, or  

ARC is currently operating BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Email Fran Pagliaro at . For urgent matters, call 910-477-7246.

Bald Head Association property questions:

Carrie Moffett 910-457-4676 Ext. 21 or

BHA Architectural Review Committee questions:

Fran Pagliaro 910-457-4676 Ext. 22

The Covenants for Bald Head Association can be found at:
Bald Head Association Covenants

The Harbour Architectural Review Board questions:

Kimberly Bandera 910-477-7193 (cell) or 910-457-4676 Ext. 29 (office)

Middle Island Architectural Review Committee questions:

Contact: Audrey Dyer at
Monthly meetings are always the last Friday of the month, except for holidays.
Send submittals to: Kimberly Bandera 910-477-7193 (cell) or 910-457-4676 Ext. 29 (office)
Review Fees
Middle Island POA Website

Village of Bald Head

Building Inspector: Stephen Boyett 910-457-9700 Ext. 1004

Association members are notified that in the event they have a dispute with the Association, they have the right to initiate mediation as provided in North Carolina General Statutes § 7A-38.3F. The Association is unable to provide any member legal advice of any kind.

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