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Our vision for the future: A community working together to cultivate a unique quality of life and to preserve the ageless appeal of Bald Head Island for generations to come.

The mission of the Bald Head Association is to provide ethical, transparent leadership on behalf of our members through community advocacy, communication with and for our members and activities that sustain the values and attributes that make Bald Head Island unique.

In pursuit of this mission our guiding principles are:

• effective management of our covenants, design guidelines and common areas

• contribution to a well-informed public

• promotion of environmental stewardship

• encouragement of volunteerism and broad participation

• sound financial stewardship

• close cooperation with other island entities

• promotion of a long-term vision and strategy for quality of life

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Check out our new May Island Report online - remember you can look up old issues from our archive on the News page.

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Another milestone has been met in the merger of Bald Head Island's largest homeowners associations! At their regular October monthly meetings, the Boards of Directors of Bald Head Association and the BHI Stage II Association approved the final version of the Unified Design Guidelines that will apply to all new architectural review submittals being considered after January 1st.

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Island Treasures Community Yard Sale — Want to Sell Items?

Island Treasures Community Yard Sale — June 9, 9am-2pm

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Village of Bald Head Island — Vision 2025

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